Bely die elke dag

  1. Highly favoured – Deeply Loved – Greatly Blessed
  2. Favoured among nations and countries
  3. The wealth of nations and countries is in my hands
  4. i Was bourn as an answer to the cries and prayers of millions
  5. Jesus is perfecting everything concerning me and my future today
  6. i increase in productivity and effectivity every day
  7. All my adversaries is paralysed today
  8. Money allocates me
  9. Divine opportunities – Divine open Doors
    10.i Live and function through the Holy Spirit under all Favours of
    11.God delight Himself in my Prosperity
    12.I refuse to be poor , sick or negative
    13.I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
    14.Gods healing , deliverance and revelation power flows through me
    15.Every night i have powerful dreams, witty inventions from God above
    16.i am more than a conqueror
    17.I am Gods battle axe and weapon of war
    18.The super highway of finances is in my control
    19.All my family is might in the earth doing great exploits of Gods
    20.Salvation manifest everywhere i go because of Gods Glory and
    presence in me
    21.i Know who i am revealed by Gods spirit to my inner man
    22.i am Gods son raised by my Father
    23.God revealers big and unsearchable things to me
    24.My body is a Holy Sanctuary where God live and dwells permanently
    25.My whole life is without worry because Jesus looks after me
    26.Nothing ever touches me because i am blameless until Jesus comes
  10. My life is immortal Prov 12:28
  11. i im irresistible to all people
  12. To stay in Gods river to keep His vessel clean

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